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About us

Navigating the Maze: The Modern Job Search Challenge

In today’s fast-evolving job market, finding the right opportunity can feel like navigating a complex maze. With technological advancements and changing industry dynamics, job seekers face a multitude of challenges that go beyond just finding a vacancy. In fact, the biggest challenge may not even be the macroeconomic climate (which is a codeword for all the ongoing/looming tech layoffs).

The hardest part of the modern job search, in my opinion, is the ability to receive actionable feedback on ways to improve from your last unsuccessful job interview.

The Black Box of Recruitment

One of the most daunting aspects of job searching is the lack of transparency and feedback. Many candidates describe their application experience as sending their resumes into a black box, uncertain of what happens next. It’s not uncommon to receive no response at all, leaving applicants wondering where they fell short. This silence is not just frustrating; it’s demoralizing, especially for those who repeatedly experience it.

The Feedback Dilemma

The scarcity of constructive feedback is a glaring issue in modern recruitment. Overwhelmed by the volume of applicants, recruiters and hiring managers often find it impractical to provide personalized feedback. This lack of communication leaves candidates without valuable insights into their application’s strengths and weaknesses. Without this feedback, job seekers are left guessing what went wrong, hindering their ability to improve and adapt their approach for future opportunities.

Moreover, the absence of closure or understanding of the selection criteria can lead to a cycle of repeated errors and misconceptions. Many job seekers crave feedback not just for the sake of their current job search but for their overall career development. This unmet need points to a broader issue in the recruitment industry, where the human aspect of hiring often gets overshadowed by process efficiency.

How the Math Shakes Out

According to CareerSidekick:

Average Number of Job Applicants: 250

Average Number of Applicants Selected for Screening: 6-10

This means that only 2-3% move from being an applicant to talking with a recruiter. From there, job seekers report nearly 75% of them have experienced being ghosted by either a recruiter or a hiring manager. It’s a never-ending battle if you’re looking for a job!

Before it’s all said and done, 249/250 (or 99.6%) of applicants are left with little to no feedback on what they can do to improve.

This is why we built Ghosted AI, we’re a team of individuals with experiences ranging from FAANG to leading startups funded by the likes of a16z and Accel. We know the feeling because we’ve been there.

Ghosted AI

Ghosted AI is your interview feedback assistant. We join your remote interviews, transcribe call audio, and then leverage the power of GPT-4 & LLMs to provide you instant feedback on your performance.

But that’s only the beginning because we realize you still want real feedback from someone you trust. That is why we have a specially curated P2P marketplace with trusted professionals that provide live coaching using your audio transcription(s) and give you confidence as you go into the next round. So whether you ace the interview and are on to the next round or are starting over from scratch with a new company, Ghosted AI will help you land your dream job!

Try us for free at tryghosted.ai.