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Completing the
Interview Feedback Loop

Ghosted AI is your interview feedback assistant, we join your remote interviews, transcribe call audio, and then leverage the power of AI to provide you instant feedback on your interview performance.

Built by operators from

a16Z & Accel backed

How it works

Download our Chrome Ext

Ghosted effortlessly integrates with modern video platforms, listening and transcribing each word as you go

Receive Feedback the Next Day

Ghosted replaces non-existent feedback loops by providing an AI-generated summary and actionable feedback within 24 hours

Schedule a Live Coaching Session

Plug-in to a specially curated marketplace of professionals to practice your interviewing skills, using live audio transcripts from Ghosted

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Works with popular meeting apps

  • Google Meet
  • Zoom
  • Microsoft Teams

and more


Product Manager @ Google

I support Ghosted because it fills a vital gap in the job market, emphasizing ongoing improvement in interview skills. Acting as a personal interview coach, Ghosted boosts candidates' confidence, refines responses, and helps them stand out in a competitive job market.

Research Manager @ AirBnb

I endorse Ghosted for bridging a crucial job market gap by enhancing ongoing interview skills. Serving as a personalized coach, Ghosted elevates candidates' confidence, sharpens responses, and distinguishes them in a competitive job market.

Director Of Product @ Cision

Ghosted is building a product to solve a pain point that I believe most of us have faced while interviewing.

Coaching from professionals at